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Employee Training

The process of providing training content to current, and any new employees makes the video format a particularly cost-effective delivery mechanism eliminating the trainer costs, travel times, interruption to employee schedule, etc.

Regardless of their role in the company, all employees should participate in a New Employee introduction. That same content needs to be provided to each new employee that joins the company, so the video format is ideal here. But why stop there? Depending upon the employee's role there may be additional role-specific training required such as OSHA, chemical handling, security procedures, etc. Having this content available through your internal web site allows new employee's to review the video's, and existing employee's to refresh their understanding any time they feel like. A consistent and well informed workforce can help ensure a competitive advantage, so why wait any longer?

Services Delivery

If your business is providing services to customers, whether it's a technical craft or Information Technology services, ensure your staff understand how those services should be delivered and implemented through web based video content. After New Employee training, this is probably the most frequently delivered video content and ensures all staff moving forward are following the same methodologies.

Customer Centric

Why limit the benefits of repeatable video content delivery to just your staff? Bringing the same benefits to your customer base with product of service specific video content can help differentiate your company from your competitors.

After the sale do your customers contact you with questions or problems in the use of those products? People rarely read the product manual, so having detailed instructions in the manual on the use of a product is often missed. Eliminate customer frustration and improve their overall satisfaction by providing access to web based video content on the setup, use and maintain your product. These customer-centric training video's are a great connection to your customers, so we encourage our clients to include friendly reminders about following your company through the different social media channels.

What goes into a great Training Video?

The training video can include an on-camera trainer, output from computer program's, multiple different web sites, and any additional images or video content you wish to present. Capturing output from your proprietary computer program's may require the purchase of specific capture software for the PC or Mac, and our video professionals can assist with the selection, installation and configuration of any required software.

Online training video's offer several advantages over classroom-based methods.

  • Since your program is produced and edited in video it is presented precisely the way you want, each and every time to every employee. You no longer have to worry about the quality of the instructor or materials, nor the time and costs associated for that instructor.

  • Employees can login to a secure area on your website to participate in the training video regardless of their location - in the office, across the state or even the other side of the world. Since this type of training video can be viewed over and over, employees now have the ability to learn at their own pace and review any challenging content.

  • Revisions - updating your training with new content is a breeze - we update your content, drop it in place and you send employees the link instead of an expensive trainer!

  • Employee Training videos have an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) and are strongly recommended, even if you are not quite ready for customer-centric web video content. Let us help save you money on training while improving results with a consistent, repeatable video-enabled training session.

Here at GW Video Services we specialize in all types of video for the web, and have crafted cost-effective, engaging video solutions that sell, communicate, educate and entertain. From the simplest, shortest video clip to the most complex high-end content, our creative professionals at GW Video Services are ready to take you or your companies messaging to the next level!
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